Business Law

Lawell Attorneys provide pragmatic advice to clients headquartered locally or abroad in implementing and developing their distribution networks or in concluding any type of commercial transactions.The practice is global and includes torts and contracts, product liability issues, trade practices, consumer protection, and fair competition compliance advice to the brokerage and investment management communities on the conduct and supervision of transactions.

Lawell Attorneys intervene in this area as well at the stage of implementation of business strategies such as negotiation and conclusion of contracts or in case of litigation.

Lawell Attorneys serve as general counsel for corporations and advise them in all aspects of their corporate life, business goals, from the original establishment of the enterprise to its dissolution, and through all aspects of its evolution and operation.The services include all aspects of banking and finance, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, leasing, intellectual property, labor and employment, securities and capital markets, foreign investment regulations, tax and insurance, and any combination of these.We also provide full corporate services to help clients meet the legal requirements regarding corporate governance, board and shareholder meetings, and trade union and employee corporate information requirements.

Mergers & Acquisition

Our team approach, working closely with our experts in mergers and acquisitions, take over, joint ventures and intellectual property, provides a comprehensive service that gets results. We understand the Commission for Protection of Competition of the Republic of Macedonia powers and requirements and regularly advise Macedonian and overseas companies undertaking mergers, identifying whether the proposed transaction will need to be cleared by the Commission and what potential concerns may arise. Reaching a view on this early is essential so you put your best foot forward from the beginning.

Lawell Attorneys also engages in regular counseling in all business transactions that may raise antitrust issues, in numerous areas such as price discrimination, licensing, distribution and marketing issues, trade association activities, joint venture and pre-merger analysis, and more.

In a transactional environment that requires rapidly creating of teams, interdisciplinary know-how and creativity, to get deals done, Lawell Attorneys, separately or in association, bring everything to the table to complete transactions involving all aspects of buying, selling and combining companies and businesses.

Some members are distinguishing themselves by an extended practice in this area.

We have extensive experience in all aspects of antitrust law and offer a full range of legal services. We have represented a number of companies and Banks in complex antitrust cases Macedonia, whose growth, practices or cross border trade exposed them to potential antitrust infringements. We help clients with drafting of compliance manuals, compliance training, antitrust due diligence and other services in a view of legal risk management from an antitrust law perspective. We are well versed in the analysis of commercial practices, transactions and agreements and the identification of any potential antitrust infringements. We also advise our clients on how to mitigate any repercussions in pending competition proceedings.

We provide a complete range of services to multinational companies, start-ups and financial institutions in transactions involving M&A, private and public equity offerings and venture capital.

Contracts & Real Estate

Lawell Attorneys provide traditional services to corporations and other business entities in matter of contracts, whatever the domain of concerned law or economic sector.

We also provide assistance and advice in the drafting of customized international or national contracts or in the quick review of ‘deal memos’ or ‘memos of understanding‘.

Lawell Attorneys provide a comprehensive range of advice in all aspects of real estate transactions, whether it is a question to sell, purchase, lease or build, or to make better use of more sophisticated techniques with the same purpose.

The practice includes commercial property transactions.

Our clients include domestic and international companies, well-known brands of large retailers, developers, real estate investment companies, financial institutions and a well-known network of gasoline stations.

Banking & Finance

Our banking and finance specialists are consistently recognized as leading advisors in these fields. Our team, has extensive experience advising, national banks from abroad with interest for pledges in our country, investment banks, financial institutions, large corporations and government organizations. Widely recognized for our technical and commercial expertise, we can work with you to deliver practical, innovative solutions.

We draft legal acts for introducing our National bank for the monetary and non monetary loans

We advise Banks and Financial institutions on rules and regulations in accordance with the Banking Law and the rules issued by the National Bank of Republic of Macedonia. We design, draft and execute contracts at all commercial levels (bilateral and multi party), structuring advice, inter creditor relationships and advice around security realizations.

Our in-depth knowledge of the legal and regulatory environment, coupled with our practical approach, means we can play a strategic role in your business and product development. At the same time, we understand the competitive and financial pressures faced by our clients and the importance of efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Employment Law

Our team is specialized in employment law and has received high references in providing legal services to employers in this field of the law. We have extensive experience in the process of outsourcing of non-core operations, downsizing of the labor force due to business reasons, preparation of corporate documents in the field of employment and safety and health at work, representation of employers in employment disputes as well as rendering legal services to employers in the process of collective bargaining.

We can freely say, that the major part of the Macedonian employers were rendered services by our experts when doing major reorganizations resulting with downsizing the greater number of employees due to business reasons.

Unlike our competitors, we have excellent experience regarding the strategy and tactics employed by both sides and we can use this experience to achieve your desired outcome and objectives.
The strength of our team is our ability to focus on your objectives and provide the legal, strategic and practical route to achieve the result you want.

Lawell Attorneys provide assistance to national, multinational and mid-size companies in the following legal aspects relating to collective or individual issues of human resources:

    • work organization (duration, continuing work, night work, …)
    • work policy and codes of conduct (use of internet and e-mail, protection of data and professional secrets, video control, harassment, discrimination, …)

  • restructuring and collective resignation;
  • employee representation and collective negotiations;
  • labor contract (engagements, resignation, non-competition, …)
  • pensions and benefits;
  • expatriation and salary split.

Civil Litigation

Lawell Attorneys has a success rate of over ninety percent of finished court cases in favor of our clients.

We believe that the successful litigation procedure is the perfect combination of extensive legal knowledge and strong skills. We always present transparently our legal opinion and strategy to the client, so the client is able at any time to have an eye in the procedural developments against the agreed strategy.

Restructuring & Insolevncy

Lawell Attorneys provide specialized services in reorganization of distressed companies.

We offer in this respect a comprehensive range of services, including advising on asset and debt recovery, restructuring and rehabilitation strategy, mergers and acquisitions of distressed companies and insolvency procedures of all sorts.

We advise creditors on how to protect their interests in insolvency proceedings. Our lawyers are regularly appointed as trustees in bankruptcies, liquidators, and administrators in company reorganizations.

The contribution of our experts in corporate, commercial, civil, employment and tax law is a key to successful resolutions.


Lawell Attorneys advise clients (commercial banks, public and private clients and other financial institutions) in a broad spectrum of tax issues. Its practice includes representing clients before  tax authorities and in court. We also assist clients in obtaining private rulings.

A great part of the work involves the assistance of colleagues in providing tax advice in connection with purchases, sales, mergers, pledges, leveraged buy-outs and other forms of business acquisitions, company’s reorganizations, compensation arrangements, employee downsizings and other reductions-in-force and cross border transactions.

Continuously changing legal and business environment often leads to numerous challenges, including unnecessary tax liabilities, costly fines or other administrative measures and, in some cases, criminal penalties. In order to effectively address these risks, we advise clients in a wide range of tax related issues and deliver sophisticated, innovative and dynamic tax compliance and tax planning solutions. Enjoying the breadth of our numerous practice areas we are one of the few law firms able to uphold seamless coordination on one single platform and to provide our clients with the benefit of a fully integrated legal service.

Intellectual Property

Lawell Attorneys provide a broad scope of services to clients in businesses heavily dependent upon intellectual property.These services include copyright, trademarks, patents, know how, drawings and designs, domain names, geographical indications, data bases protection and image rights.

Foreign Direct Investments

We have advised and we are currently advising a major part of the international companies which have invested in Macedonia. They chose Lawell Attorneys not because we were ranked high in the legal directories, but because we care for the best interests of the investors.

Administrative Law & Procedures

Lawell Attorneys, at any time, represents clients in administrative procedures before the administrative bodies in the Republic of Macedonia and in all instances of Administrative Courts involving cases in the field of denationalization of expropriated property, transformation of ownership, purchase of construction land, and real estate properties in the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and in the region. Our experience involves also representation of our clients in the administrative procedures before the Agency for Electronic Communications, Regulation body of energy sectors and the Commission for protection of Competition.

Energy & Infrastructure

We are regularly called upon to provide effective legal advice in energy and infrastructure projects. Our lawyers have experience in projects encompassing renewable energy, oil & gas, the electricity sector, energy trading, mining projects, the construction of power plants and road and transport infrastructure as well as public procurement and European Union projects.

We have a professional working relationship with the relevant regulators in Macedonia. We help clients by providing legal advice on energy regulatory issues, drafting renewable energy regulations and related legal documents including power purchase and grid connection agreements. We also help clients in negotiations with Governments, public utility companies and other stakeholders in Macedonia.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”