Who We Are & How We Work
Our lawyers are carefully selected for their professionalism, approachability, pragmatism and creativity.

We differ from other law firms in the key characteristics of full focus on our clients, high level of expertise on all areas of our legal practice and providing best legal service.

At LawellAtorneys we take an active part in preventing disputes from escalating by suggesting appropriate options and the most suitable legal solutions based on national and international best practices.

We use legal advice, negotiation, review of contract documents and/or in-plant training.

We believe that the best cure is prevention.

A lawyer’s duty is also to advise the client of all available options to resolve a dispute, seeking creative solutions, by means of persuasion and negotiation.

Our Experience
Extensive experience in corporate and commercial law in the Macedonian and regional market.

Significant experience in field of international commercial law, especially commercial contracts. Work of the attorneys at law also includes services in the area of tax law, employment law and law on employment of foreigners and regulation of their residence in the country, administrative law, banking and finance.

Practice involves complex legal disputes in corporate governance. Also handles real estate law including commercial property development.

Our team work is focused on business, civil and labor law, with great emphasize on litigation procedures. We have gained extensive experience in litigation especially trade litigation procedures through representing the most recognized Macedonian companies.

Labor relations and industrial property, as well as protection of human rights, are given as main focus of our team’s work.

General Counseling
One of the most important services in our portfolio uniquely designed to render continuous support to the client’s management and legal teams. More than ninety percent of our legal advices in counseling area are provided within 24 hours after request had been placed.

Our corporate lawyers have in-depth knowledge of various industries, such as corporate assistance, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, taxes, litigation, real estate, labor and employment advice, alternative dispute resolutions, competition, commerce and distribution, real estate and commercial leases, employment and health care, intellectual property, estate planning and more, and are therefore able to quickly provide high quality advice in a number of various transactions in each of the jurisdictions where we operate.

Our clients include commercial banks, public and private clients and other financial institutions, owners, investors, engineers, contractors and etc.


Business Law

Lawell Attorneys provides pragmatic advice to clients headquartered locally or abroad in implementing and developing their distribution networks or in concluding any type of commercial transactions.

Merger & Acquisition

Our team approach, working closely with our experts in mergers and acquisitions, take over, joint ventures and intellectual property, provides a comprehensive service that gets results.

Contracts & Real Estates

Lawell Attorneys provides traditional services to corporations and other business entities in matter of contracts, whatever the domain of concerned law or economic sector.

Banking & Finance

Our team, has extensive experience advising, national banks from abroad with interest for pledges in our country, investment banks, financial institutions, large corporations and government organizations.

Employment Law

Our team is specialized in employment law and has received high references in providing legal services to employers in this field of the law.

Civil Litigation

Lawell Attorneys has a success rate of over ninety percent of finished court cases in favor of our clients.

Restructuring & Insolvency

Lawell Attorneys provides specialized services in reorganization of distressed companies.


Lawell Attorneys advise clients (commercial banks, public and private clients and other financial institutions) in a broad spectrum of tax issues. 

Intellectual Property

Lawell Attorneys provide a broad scope of services to clients in businesses heavily dependent upon intellectual property.

Foreign Direct Investements

We have advised and we are currently advising a major part of the international companies which have invested in Macedonia.

Administrative Law & Procedures

Lawell Attorneys, at any time, represents clients in administrative procedures before the administrative bodies in the Republic of Macedonia.

Energy & Infrastructure

We are regularly called upon to provide effective legal advice in energy and infrastructure projects.

“Every client is unique and incredibly important to us.”